NEC has learned of an incident where an individual claimed to work for the power company and took advantage of a citizen. Apparently, there were two individuals who told the person they had a question about the right-of-way. One of the men occupied the homeowner outside asking questions while the other went inside the home and stole personal property.

These types of incidents have already occurred in the lower part of the state and unfortunately, have now happened in Newberry. Citizens are urged to be very cautious and question anyone who comes to your home. All NEC vehicles have the NEC logo, so please be observant.

We contract several companies to assist with right-of-way, etc. They are Davey Tree, McCall-Thomas, and Lee Electrical. All of these vehicles should have their logo on the trucks.

Please be very cautious and don’t hesitate to call the co-op at 276-1121 if there is anyone at your home or on your property who is questionable.

If their vehicles don’t meet the above criteria, consider them as trespassers and call 911.