Safety checklist

Safety Tips --Water Damage To Electrical
If you think your home may have water damage the following are important safety tips:

  • Watch for downed wires when you approach your home. Consider all lines energized and call us immediately if you see a live "sparking" power line and remain clear of the area.
  • Once inside, do not stand in water when operating electrical switches, plugging in or unplugging electrical cords.
  • Carefully disconnect all electrical appliances that are still plugged in.
  • When resetting circuit breakers, wear dry, rubber soled shoes and stand on something dry and non-conductive, such as a dry piece of wood or wooden furniture.
  • When you reset the breaker switches use only one hand and when possible use a dry wooden tool. Avoid making contact with the metal breaker box or other metal objects in the area. If the breakers will not reset or they continue to trip, call a licensed electrician.
  • If you had no problem resetting the circuit breakers, you will still want to check your appliances for water damage and make sure all cords are dry before you attempt to re-plug electrical appliances into wall sockets.
  • If, after plugging in an appliance, the breakers trip (or fuse blows) or you see smoke or smell a burning odor, shut off power at the circuit breaker and have the appliance checked by a qualified appliance serviceman.

Be very careful around all electrical wires and equipment. If you have any doubts about your home electrical system or are unsure of how to proceed, call a professional, licensed electrician.