Levelized billing

With NEC's Levelized Billing Program, you can guard against large fluctuations in your electric bill caused by changes in the weather. NEC will take the rolling average amount of your electric bills for the past 12 months and bill you for that amount each month. Requirements for participation are that the member has at least 12 months of service with NEC and that the account has an acceptable credit rating. Other qualifications include:

  • Member must own the home - no renters
  • Must be a residential account
  • Account must have a zero balance to get on the program - (no balance due and no credit balance)
  • An agreement must be signed by the person whose name is on the account
  • Levelized Billing makes the account ineligible for financial arrangements

Note: The monthly amount quoted is not a set amount - it will vary slightly from month to month because it is a rolling 12-month average

*To request more information about this program, please use the feedback form.